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Blend body wash into shower water with a bödysöf-WASH system to:

  • shorten shower time   

  • remove deadly and harmful shower pathogens* 

  • provide bubble bath like skin care** without dirty bath water scum

  • remove skin damaging caustic bodywash or soap pH spikes** 

  • soap awkward areas such as your back

  • save energy and water.***

Simple to operate: Run shower normally. Simply press and release the wall mounted Handle to transform your shower water into a soothing soapy mixture. Then 'hands-free', wash in a wonderful spa-like shower that automatically times-out to clear water. Repeat as desired. 

Infusion amount is controlled by how far the handle is pushed. Length of body wash infusion is set one-time by a simple bib lever on the wall unit front. To fill with your favorite body wash or liquid soap: Flip open the Tank top. It holds up to 30 applications at 10 cc ea. No wonder Amazon consumers rated bödysöf at 90% (4.5/5 stars). It sold out.


New Improved Models: Based on very positive consumer feedback (90% Amazon rating!), tests and manufacturing of our prototype, bödysöf introduces two new models:  bödysöf-WASH for higher viscosity body wash (launches February 12th on Kickstarter), and bödysöf-MOISTURIZE  for lower viscosity bath oils and emollients (launches about March 1st). The models can be added together on one showerhead.No wonder Amazon consumers rated bödysöf at 90% (4.5/5 stars). It sold out.

Overall improvements will over the Original bödysöf include a smoother designer style, easier and more compact push-to-wall handle to operate, easier flip lid to fill tank, faster injection load for high viscosity body washes and simpler installation.



*According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control & Prevention and Colorado University studies "showerhead waters have been implicated in disease. … microbes of potential public health concern are enriched to high levels by the showerhead environment.” These harmful microbes, impervious to chlorine, love to breed and create biofilm colonies inside "moist, warm, dark” showerheads that then atomize into the shower spray and mist to be inhaled.

However, bödysöf-WASH automatically mixes body wash (detergent) into shower heads to “retard and probably prevent biofilm build up” of such deadly or harmful pathogens.


**Better skincare: When caustic concentrated body wash or soap is applied directly to skin, epidermal damage and enhanced bacterial growth may occur from 'pH spiking'. Baths and bödysöf-WASH showers are better for skincare because soap or bodywash is evenly diffused in the water in uniform and good pH balance. With bödysöf-WASH, you finish with cleaner skin than a bath since there is no bath water crud on your skin to rinse off.


Save water, energy & time:   Typical showers less than 15 minutes use less water and energy than a bath. bödysöf-WASH further improves shower efficiency with shorter lather time, finer tuned water flow and less water and time to clean bathtubs of crud but the skincare benefits of a bath.




It all started when…

bödysöf has been more than 20 years in the making. It was originally developed at a dinner party in Ottawa, Canada amongst friends debating the pros and cons of taking a shower versus sitting in a bath.

The debate became heated with the shower folk asserting a shower's considerable attributes -- uses less water, uses less energy, is faster, you rinse off with clear and clean water ('You don't sit in your own filth'), no waiting for a tub to fill nor to empty and clean.

The bath people patiently listened. When the shower folks were finished their long list, the bath folks countered the shower people with -- 'yes, but with a bath you can add moisturizer!' 

'How about soap with cold cream in it?' weakly responded the shower folk. The bath people stared in disbelief ... 'that does not work, and you know it. Soap degrades the moisturizer leaving your skin feeling dry.


Not deterred, the shower folks searched high and low for a method of getting moisturizer (and while at it, also body wash) mixed into shower water. None to be found in stores or catalogues. No patents that were feasible. Nothing.

After years of trial and error in the US, Canada and China and some extensive design and testing -- bödysöf was birthed by shower users. bödysöf is an easy dispenser to install and load, intuitive to operate and a unique design that mixes moisturizer or body wash into shower water upstream of a shower head.

Now, bödysöf is being evolved on Kickstarter. There is nothing like bödysöf currently on the market and we think we can make it even better. We think you will love how bödysöf enhances your showering experience. - the luxury of a spa at home.


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