Early design with a plunger/spring.

Early design with a plunger/spring.


bodysof has been more than 20 years in the making. It was originally developed at a dinner party in Ottawa, Canada amongst friends debating the pros and cons of taking a shower versus sitting in a bath.

The debate became heated with the shower folk asserting a shower's considerable attributes -- uses less water, uses less energy, is faster, you rinse off with clear and clean water ('You don't sit in your own filth'), no waiting for a tub to fill nor to empty and clean.

The bath people patiently listened. When the shower folks were finished their long list, the bath folks countered the shower people with -- 'yes, but with a bath you can add moisturizer!' 

'How about soap with cold cream in it?' weakly responded the shower folk. The bath people stared in disbelief ... 'that does not work, and you know it. Soap degrades the moisturizer leaving your skin feeling dry.'

Not deterred, the shower folks searched high and low for a method of getting moisturizer (and while at it, also body wash) mixed into shower water. None to be found in stores or catalogues. No patents that were feasible. Nothing.

After years of trial and error in the US, Canada and China and some extensive design and testing -- bodysof was birthed by shower users. bodysof is an easy dispenser to install and load, intuitive to operate and a unique design that mixes moisturizer or body wash into shower water upstream of a shower head.

Now, bodysof is being evolved on Kickstarter. There is nothing like bodysof currently on the market and we think we can make it even better. We think you will love how bodysof enhances your showering experience. - the luxury of a spa at home.

Early wooden prototype to test the ability to overcome water pressure.

bodysof Chrome pack contents. 4/5 stars rated on Amazon.

Chrome hooked up to a bath-style faucet promo shot.

bodysof Version 2 Design.


William Craig, Founder