Moisturize easier with infused shower water.

Faster & cleaner than a bath. Use any showerhead.


After testing many concepts and prototypes in several countries over many years, bödysöf's revolutionary unique patented* simple design emerged where bath oil or emollients can be controllably and evenly blended into flowing shower water of any showerhead without using unreliable and unstable venturi concepts or an awkward pressure sealed tank.

To further test our design, we manufactured about 500 units for test marketing and retail sales to get objective input from paying consumers. We received an overall excellent 88% or 4.5/5 stars rating from purchasers and favorable retailer comments. We were well received in the bloggers-sphere.
 Improvements: While feedback, tests and manufacturing were very positive, we determined that bödysöf should have two different design versions 1) for higher viscosity bodywash and 2) for lower viscosity bath oils and emollients. Lower viscosity oils have more tendency to seep due to gravity and capillary action when at rest; so tighter valve sealing will be needed than for higher viscosity bodywash. Higher viscosity body washes require higher input suction so pathways need to be wider to minimize resistance of flow or the pump action will be sluggish.  

How bödysöf-MOISTURIZE works: When the wall mounted Handle is pushed, a measured amount of liquid emollient or bath oil in the tank is drawn into a piston as the handle compresses a spring. When the handle is released, the spring's energy meters the emollient into a pipe-mounted Mixer that evenly mixes the emollient into the shower water upstream of the showerhead.


History: Years ago friends in Ottawa debated the pros and cons of taking showers vs. baths. Many championed showers for using less water, energy and time than a bath. Showers also avoided the wait-time needed to fill a tub, soaking in scummy bath water and leaving bathtub crud residue to be cleaned.   

Bathers countered with a simple 'yes, but with a bath, you can add bath oil for softer skin! You can’t do that with a shower!' How to get both at the same time? Not as easy as it seems. It took years to perfect.




The current prototype Mixer includes a wheel of eight various sized opening washers where one is installed between the pipe and Mixer  to counter high water pressure. Much installation fiddling is required before the correct one is installed. The new version will have an intuitive bib lever on the wall unit to more easily adjust for unusually high PSI and/or super-eco shower heads. 

The new wall unit will: 1) add a simple very accessible bib-lever injection speed setter, 2) add a space-saving, easier and sturdier push handle, 3) provide a larger and easier front loading tank.  Reliability will be increased with 20% fewer parts.

Development has cost $187,000 to date. Kickstarter funds will be used to make an improved prototype, create CAD design files so a broad range of molders can fairly compete to manufacture new units. We have scoped out prospective manufacturers and begun design work in Palo Alto, CA with our planned partner, Studio Red,




Imagine as you finish a shower when your skin is clean and optimally hydrated, nudging a wall handle to mix your favorite bath oil or emollient into your shower water. A full body moisturize in seconds. Step out with a lustrous sheen.

No time-consuming bath preparation or draining, no bath water scum to rinse off, no dirty bathtub residue. Just a relaxed, clean, time saving, bödysöf-MOISTURIZE shower. Showering in bathing luxury.

Saves energy, water and emollient: The Sacramento Bee, a daily newspaper in California, and others, estimate that a bath uses 30 gallons of water and a standard showerhead uses 2.5 gallons a minute. Assuming one bödysöf-MOISTURIZE infusion is about 0.3 oz. (10 cc) and 1 minute to shower-moisturize, a bath would need 3.6 oz. to equal the concentration of a bödysöf-MOISTURIZE shower - 12 times more!

Of course, it's about how you use a bath or shower. But bödysöf-MOISTURIZE saves over a bath for the water used, energy to heat the water and the amount of expensive emollient or oil used. All savings of up to 90%. 

Simple to operate: Flip open and fill the wall Tank with your favorite bath oil or liquid moisturizer. The Tank holds up to 30 applications (10 cc or 0.3 fl. oz. each)    

While showering as normal, simply press and release the wall mounted the handle to 'hands-free' moisturize where you want in a wonderful spa-like emollient shower mixture. Infusion times-out automatically. Repeat as you wish. Step out as the infusion is completed.

Infusion amount is set by how far the handle is pushed. Speed is set by a simple bib-lever on the wall unit.

Easy to install in 3 minutes: Hand screw the Mixer onto the shower pipe then attach your showerhead or handheld hose. Mount the wall unit with VHB tape or suction cup where you want. Connect the clear mini-hose from the Mixer to the wall unit. All parts included and no tools needed.

bödysöf-MOISTURIZE has no filters to be cleaned or replaced periodically. If using an inline water filter such as a PRIM Pi-Water system, simply connect the Mixer downstream of the filter.


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